FCA Social Media Guidance Response

FCA Social Media Guidance #smfca

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Want to profile your customers?

Forrester’s Social Technographics data classifies consumers into seven overlapping levels of social technology participation.  Use this tool to get a high-level snapshot of the social technology behaviors of consumers.

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The Financial Planner’s Guide to Twitter

Grab your free Guide to Twitter and get started on twitter building meaningful connections and followers today.  Twitter can be confusing when you first start out.  It took us 6 months to figure out how to use it properly, this guide walks you through every step so you’ll be confident and capable in just minutes.

Learn the Twitter Lingo and Etiquette
If you don’t know your DM from your RT or what in heavens name an #FF is, then this guide is for you.  Understanding both the language and the etiquette will help propel your ROI on twitter, quickly building your influence and connections.

Learn Best Practices & Keep up to date
Learn how to organise your following into easily managed lists, get alerts directly to your phone when someone you’re looking to build a connection with is tweeting that moment, embed tweets into blog posts and more from your twitter guide and emails.

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Social Bites FA

Everyday we see advisers missing out on growing their businesses with social media, or even worse, jumping in with the hope that they will miraculously tap into a rich seam of new business opportunities, only to abandon it.

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous Simon Ryan from Social Advisor to take you through the steps to social media success. One step at a time in our live fortnightly classes.  It’s going to be really action packed, practical and results driven 30 mins…


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Generate Easy Content Ideas

3 Simple Steps to Easy Content Ideas

Google’s number one goal is to provide relevant and quality results to anyone searching for a keyword. This is what their entire company is based on; providing good results for the searchers. The reason Google is the best search engine, is because they provide the best results.

If people come to your site and love the content on it and can interact with it, they will share it, they will come back and you will generate a lot more enquiries or leads from your visitors.  Plus Google will love your site too.

Topic ideas

All of that’s great, but unless you’re a full time  journalist, how can you quickly and easily find ideas and topics to write about that your readers will love?

Learn Best Practices & Keep up to date
This free guide will tell you in 3 easy steps and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest ideas for great content.

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7 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media

7 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

For those of you serious about your online presence, grab your free Guide to 7 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing and get started on building meaningful connections and prospects today.  It can be a minefield navigating your online marketing and this guide walks you through every step so you’ll be confident and capable at the pace that suits you.

Learn how to use the 7 Golden Rules in your business

  • Know your audience.
  • Create a working Social Media Policy
  • Define your desired outcomes
  • Develop your Social Media Strategy & create your Editorial Calendar
  • Identify Social media team, train them and execute strategy
  • Update your website to include Social Media Integration
  • Monitor, measure and review constantly

Learn Best Practices & Keep up to date
This comprehensive guide will walk you through the 7 Golden Rules any firm can follow to get social media marketing success.  We’ll keep you up to date with best practices and more great tips too.

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Compliance Guide

The Financial Social Media UK free compliance guide will teach you how to align your social media practices with the guidelines set forth by the FCA.

Get the Latest Compliance Updates
Given the rapidly changing nature of social media and the varying interpretation of the guidelines from compliance departments, it’s not an easy job to keep up to date with how the industry is using social media compliantly. Our compliance guide and email updates keep you informed on the latest changes regarding social media and examples of best practice.

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Financial Planners Plain Speaking Guide to Social Media

Social media is going from strength to strength. Not only are people visiting social sites more regularly, the time they spend on these websites is increasing.  It’s now our number one activity online, over taken from Porn (for those of you who like those kind of facts).

Learn Best Practices
This comprehensive 25 page guide covers everything from

  • Understanding what social media is
  • How social media can help your business
  • How to use social media to market your business
  • Where to start
  • Joining social networks and building a community
  • Deciding on which networks to join
  • Blogging

Get the Latest Updates
Given the rapidly changing nature of the social media, it’s difficult to keep up with the pace. Our Plain Speaking Guide and email updates keep you informed on the latest changes regarding social media.

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