“To educate, motivate and inform public opinion about finances and financial freedom”

Here at Financial Social Media UK it’s our vision, our end goal, for everyone to look at their finances differently.  Instead of viewing finance as a complicated or boring subject, to be avoided at all costs, we want everyone to understand that looking after their finances is the best way to get to financial freedom.

Having the freedom to choose how you live your life, how you spend your time, where you choose to go, who you choose to spend time with (family and friends), where you live, which school your children go to.  That’s powerful stuff.

But in order to create this engagement and excitement about personal finances we’ve got to change the way people currently think about their finances.

We’ve got to build trust and spark action. In short, we’ve got to:

  • Educate;
  • motivate and;
  • transform public opinion.



We’ve got to communicate and interact, and what better place than to do so online?

Social media allows for you to be able to connect with people 24/7.  If you think about how people use their mobile phones these days, they carry them everywhere with them, at all times.  Work, home, bedroom, bathroom the phone is never out of reach.  With this incredible level of connectivity let’s interact and engage with people to create a positive change.

As a business we can’t make this change on our own, and as a profession and industry we can’t wait for the public to approach us.  And that’s exactly where collaborations around social media come into play.  Social media allows us all to go out into our communities and engage.

Get involved, get in touch, get your message out…

FSM UK is looking to work with more Thought Leaders that feel the same way.

It all starts with a first step and that’s where you come into play.  Financial planner, adviser, wealth manager, provider, bank, investment house, network, mortgage broker, insurance agent, platform, professional body, no matter, you all contribute to helping provide financial freedom, be it direct to the consumer or through an intermediary.  Get your message out.

We have some great resources to get you started here >>

If you share our vision, you’re exactly the type of individual and business that we’d love to work with.  Get in touch with us now and let’s have a chat .

*You’ll notice that we talk in terms of people, rather than business, or companies.  That’s because on every level there are people involved.  This is about relationship building, and that’s done with people, whether that’s employees, managers, business owners, CEO’s – it’s always with people.