Social Media isn’t a stand alone medium and nor are we.

If we’re to achieve our vision and help you achieve yours, then a collaborative team approach is the only way forward.

That’s why we’ve hand picked experts in their field to work with us.  We’ve met and vetted all of our team and partners, all are as equally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as we are.

Everyone has incredible depth and experience in the financial world.

A Community is first and always USEFUL”

Bridget Greenwood

Name: Bridget Greenwood

Role: Director of Financial Social Media UK

A bit about:  “I used to be an IFA, which I always say was BC (before child).  I loved the job and had planned to go back to it after I had my son. For a variety of reasons (including no sleep for the first 18 months of his life) things didn’t pan out that way.

I live in the sticks in North Norfolk and knew that what ever I was going to do I had to be smart about communicating and attracting new business.  So I chose to focus my time sat at my computer and figuring out how to use this social media and online malarky as opposed to sat in the car constantly having to drive everywhere.

With the help of Amy McIlwain Financial Social Media (FSM) opened it’s doors in the UK in 2012.  As FSM in the states grew in one direction and the UK arm in another we agreed to separate the two companies in 2013.  I’ll always be thankful to the FSM US team for their help in the early days.

Since 2012 Financial Social Media (UK) has had the opportunity to work with a range of financial firms from Wealth Managers, to IFA firms, providers, and member bodies like the IFP and Panacea Adviser.

I regularly chair and present at the Financial Services Discussion Club’s Social Media Marketing & Compliance discussion group which includes many banks, investment firms and providers.  This is great for remaining up to date with the many challenges the industry faces and helping find the right solutions.

I also enjoy talking about social media, all day if I can get away with it, thankfully with great feed back!  Phew.  Whether that’s one to one with clients or publicly at conferences or via webinars.

Now I get to split my time between London and North Norfolk so my dreams of escaping to the city are heading in the right direction.

Favourite Social Platform: For me it’s twitter. I hated it when I first joined and didn’t really do anything for 6 months, but now it’s the quickest and most fun way to connect with folk for business and pleasure.  Where else can you be retweeted by Mick Jagger, mentioned in a tweet by Dave Stewart and given a recommend to follow that includes the real Hugh Jackman all in one week?”

Ali SteedName: Ali Steed

Role: Write incredible content for your readers, which is why she’s won so many awards

A bit about:  “After going freelance in late 2006, I have continued to maintain a notable presence in the national press and on both television and radio, writing for The TimesThe Sunday Times,The Daily and Sunday Telegraphthe Daily and Sunday Express and The Sun. I have also made a number of appearances on TV and radio, including Sky News, the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, and was the financial journalist behind the hit Channel 4  personal finance show Superscrimpers for the first five series.

I have worked for some of the world’s biggest corporations producing website content, marketing material and ghost-written articles. Clients have included Aviva, Moneycorp, Citigroup, Scottish Widows, Legal & General,Aegon, Baker Tilly, PayPal, Allianz, Standard Life Healthcare, Nationwide, Infinity Financial Solutions (Asia),,,,, Polhill Communications and the Financial Services Authority. I was also responsible for writing a significant part of the FSA’s consumer-facing website for its first incarnation.

Favourite Social Platform: Twitter, without a doubt. You can chat to amazing people you would otherwise never contact, find out about world news as it happens, and pick up great articles that you would miss without it.”