How to find social media content your clients will really connect with

Over the years I’ve spoken at conferences, dealt with clients and written about social media marketing and digital media.  In this time I’ve largely focused on how to put your social media strategy together with the emphasis on creating your own content to make the biggest impact.

While this might be true, we have to balance what’s ideal with what’s achievable.  For most small IFA firms with no dedicated marketing team, the idea of adding content creation to the To Do list crosses many minds, but in reality it doesn’t materialise.

The good news is there is content already out there which you can take advantage of.  Volume doesn’t equal quality, and to find and share those nuggets that connect with your audience, clients, prospects, strategic partners, future team members – or whomever you decide is your key target – can be very effective.

You know how you can come across an article, or a video, a podcast or a piece of news and think “Oh I must share that with….(insert name of friend as appropriate)”.  You might share this on your facebook timeline and tag your friend in the post.

You don’t expect all of your connections on facebook to engage with the post, but you do believe that the friend you tagged will be engaged by the post.  By knowing your audience well you can do the same process of selection for quality content they’ll engage with.  Simples – as a meerkat might say.  If only.

Know your Client

First of all you need to have a very clear picture of who your intended audience(s) is.  The best way to do this is to create customer personas.  Think about their:

  • Background & Demographics
  • Needs
  • Hobbies
  • Goals – professionally and personally
  • Barriers

We can use Executive Mom Mary as an example.

Executive Mum Mary
Executive Mum Mary

Now we understand Mary better, what sort of content can we share that she’ll be engaged with that also supports the narrative that you and your firm are sharing about financial planning?  Here are some examples:

Finding the right content


Mary’s goal to give her children the best start in their life will attract many areas of interest.  Education/Savings/Protection to name just three.

Recently there was a news article about brothers who had lost their parents and family in the Dec 2004 Tsunami and helped brothers who more recently lost their single mum and younger brother in a similar accident.

This story touches on triumph over tragedy, the importance of having a fund for education, entrepreneurship, survival and giving back.  It can stimulate conversation about planning for the future and putting into place solutions for the ‘what if’ scenarios.

ProvidersThere are a few providers out there sharing some really great content.  One of my roles is to be a judge for various national and international marketing awards.  This is a fabulous opportunity for me to be exposed to some of the best marketing initiatives in the financial services globally.  This is how I first discovered the videos Prudential publish with the explicit intent for financial intermediaries to be able to share to their clients and audience.

I love the fact that Prudential focus on Social Science and Behavioural Economics and create brilliant, short videos that highlight how we all have flaws in our thinking and how to think differently about planning for our financial future with this in mind.

Here’s a few to give you a taste:

If you saw a previous post I shared titled Never underestimate the value of connecting with emotions, then you might recall that we have problems planning for our long term future because we don’t connect with our future self:

…research has shown that “thinking about the future self elicits neural activation patterns that are similar to neural activation patterns elicited by thinking about a stranger.” Envisioning ourselves far into the future is extremely difficult— so difficult, in fact, that we often think of that future self as an entirely different person. – Daniel Pink

This video does a great job of addressing this issue.

It fits in beautifully with the narrative of planning for your future discussing savings. Pensions, investments and more with Mary in a way that she can better relate to her future self.

Another great example of a provider producing really impactful videos is ThaiLife, you can find their YouTube Channel here

This video touches on the importance of every life and has attracted over 30 million views and 6,600 comments.  It connects with the viewers heart and is the perfect accompaniment to the narrative that lets Mary know you understand what’s important in life, and that the financial planning is the part that helps supports goals and dreams for a great life.



Financial services is often considered a dry and dull subject matter and I don’t believe that should be the case.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time to watch some of the video’s I’ve shared and will agree with me.  But why not take it one step further.

Let’s face it we all need a giggle or two every day, and humour that we can really relate to in our every day experiences is always best to induce that full laughter.  There are plenty of comedians who talk about the day to day life struggles we face.  Michael McIntyre does one on getting out of the house with small children brilliantly:

A little more off the wall comedy is the rising star JP Sears who I find highly amusing and I can imagine Mary finding his humour also refreshing.  We know Mary enjoys her yoga, so she’s most probably going to relate to the humour in this video:

The right tools

To help you find the right content and easily share it across your social networks then I recommend 2 tools.

The first is to find and curate the content.  Here’s a quick video that shows you some of the features avaiable to help you find the right content.

The second is to share your content quickly and easily across your selected social networks.

The right solution for you

I realise for some firms, this is still too time consuming, so it occurred to me that while we can help clients with their social media strategy and execution for them, it might also be of value to provide a different solution. So let me ask you, would you be interested in a website resource that provides carefully curated regular content that matches your customer personas that you can just log into and with the press of a button or two share out relevant content across your networks?

If so you can take two ticks let me know here.

Gregarious, happy, problem solving, natural connector who once was told she could “Network in a Graveyard” and is still unsure about the comment. Previously an IFA herself and immersed in social media Bridget shares with advisers, planners, brokers and providers how to get the most out of social media and attract new clients.


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