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We’re a digital marketing consultancy firm working with Thought Leaders in the financial world.  Guiding them through the complexities of online and social media so it works for them.

If you’re wondering how to manage your online and social media to:

  • Build better relationships
  • Manage your existing relationships
  • Attract new clients
  • Be compliant
  • Measure the ROI on your social media
  • Best serve your community
  • Make the best use of your time

If you’re just bursting to help your community and clients, to share your message with others and make a difference then we’d love to work with you.

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We believe the relationship you and your company get to build with your customers, clients, audience and influencers – ie your network and community is one of your greatest assets.  It’s incredible how quickly social media has become an integral part of this process.  Understandably building effective relationships takes time and effort, a plan.

It takes authenticity (you already know, people can tell when a company doesn’t really care about their community/clients first).

It takes enthusiasm (heck, let’s face it, if we can’t get excited about our own business, how can we expect anyone else to?).

It takes being useful (if we’re going to ask people to take some time out of their hectic day to read what you have to say, interact with you, then let’s make sure we’re delivering value and being helpful along the way).

It takes planning, a lot of planning.

  • Some content
  • Some automation (yes some is helpful).
  • Some forward scheduling (you’ll want to share your content and know what and when it’s relevant to publish).
  • Some monitoring (listening is a great tool, you’ll want to see what’s going on, who’s talking about what).
  • Some real time interaction and engagement (social media is really about being in the now, and joining in relevant conversations).
  • Some lead capture (we want people to say “Yes, tell me more”).
  • Some email follow up (once someone has said “Yes, tell me more” let’s do just that).
  • Some measurements and analytics (how else will you know what’s working and what’s not?).
  • All combined and integrated with your existing marketing across the right platforms.

Want to know more?  Let’s connect, and remember to check out the services section where you’ll also find a host of useful resources, and a case study or two, available for free.